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Welcome to the sample group space on the Makerspace Zone platform. In this group you can see some examples of how a group can be used. A group can represent your creative hub or makerspace on which you can make a presentation of who and what you are, and gather your digital tools to run and organise your daily operations.

You can list your Posts, communicate with your community through the Feed similar as you would do with a facebook page, have topic discussions in a forum style, create subgroups for different aspects of you hub with different levels of access. You could for example have a general group to communicate with all the members in your community but also have a private or even hidden subgroup only for your board members to discus the internal workings of your organisation.

You can link your group to you Google drive, your zoom account, create and manage your events, or use it to host your own webshop to sell your products and courses.

Can also have access to a learning management (LMS) to create and host your own online courses.

The system also allows for direct messaging with your members and is accessible through a web browser and the Makerspace Zone mobile app

Browse around and try it out. Should you a have spacial needs or requirements for you hub please get in contact with us a we will see what can be done with custom programming.

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Melissa Bradford

Client service director

Tel: +32 478 49 12
Email: melissa@samplegroup.com