The Makertrail

The Makertrail is an event during Design Fest Gent, a biennial 10-day festival organized for the first time by the Design Museum Gent, Ministry of Makers (Design Platform Gent East Flanders), Industriemuseum Gent, Artevelde University College Ghent, LUCA School of Arts, School of Arts van HOGENT (KASK + Conservatory), Ghent University, Flanders DC (Flanders District of Creativity).

Makerspace Zone and Bulb VZW will put the Makerspaces of Ghent in the spotlight during this event. The Maker Community evolves quickly and is a constant battleground for new and creative ideas. During this event you will be able to visit a variety of Makerspaces, places which foster creativity and provide young and old with tools, workshops and knowledge to develop their creative minds. Subjects tackled at these creative hubs range from programming, electronics, textiles, 3D printing, lasercutting, CNC, woodworking to biohacking, ceramics and much more.

The Makertrail will guide you along the Makerspaces in the city of Gent. You can visit their work or theme exhibitions, follow workshops or join a talk.

Soon we will launch an event calendar. Stay posted!

Are you a Makerspace in Ghent and want to participate in this event then fill in this form and we will be in touch