Makertrail line-up

Below you will find the confirmed participations. We will complete the list as more participants confirm. If your name or Makerspace is not listed and you would like to participate please fill in the participation form.

Participating Makerspaces

These Makerspaces can be visited Saturday 23/4 and Sunday 24/4 from 14 to 18 o’clock and Thursday 28/4 from 16 to 20 o’clock

Bulb Werkhuis, a makerhub in the north of Ghent housing a range of creative organisations (fablab, biolab, upholstery, woodworking, textiles, …)

Nerdlab (more info will follow)
Maaket (more info will follow)
Masala (more info will follow)
Hackerspace (more info will follow)
Het Objectief (more info will follow)
Onbetaalbaar (more info will follow)
Ingegno (more info will follow)
Reagent (more info will follow)


Woodkin – functionally re-use bottle caps, bicycle tires, video tape, PET (dates and info will follow)
Reagent – 20min bioplastics and bio-material tasters (dates and info will follow)
Lizzy Design – thermoforming wood (dates and info will follow)


Jacob d’Hollander – circadian techniques to bring the sun into your home, how time and light help or counteract each other. (dates and info will follow)
Lizzy – The importance of Makerspaces


Makertrail kick-off – Saterday 23th of April at 20h
Masala/Ingegno – EcoTechKidz, kom een zelfgemaakte stroomgenerende fiets zien?
Makerfaire Gent – from 29th of april to the 1st of May. More info at