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The Makerspace Zone is a platform for makers, makerspaces and the movements that want to create a better future and environment through innovation, sustainability, design, education and other related subjects.
It offers tools for internal and external communication like instant messaging and discussion groups, possibilities to create, offer and manage courses. It also has a webshop in which items or courses can be sold.

Makerspace Zone is a dynamic platform made in a maker’s way using open-source material and may change over time to adjust to the needs of the makers community. It is accessible through a webbrowser but a lot of its features are also accessible through the Makerspace zone app.

Since it is still in its development stage most of the tools are currently free although you may have to contact us to make them accessible to you (e.g. creating your own groups or courses, customising your group, sub groups or incorporation your own tools like google drive, zoom, etc. into your groups).

Currently Makerspace Zone is not funded, does not sell advertisement or collect revenue from selling user data like Facebook and the like do. We will monitor our server and development cost (we run on cloud servers and that is expensive) and will see over time if certain services need to be offered as a paid service in order to keep the Makerspace Zone project financially viable.

Browse around and let us know which tools you would like to use or how we can facilitate you beter.

Initiator and founder of the project