Makerspace Zone is a community platform for makers and makerspaces. The platform facilitates makers and makerspaces access to topic groups, forums and courses around the broad subject of making. It may cover subjects such as Fablab content, woodworking, upholstery, textile, design and making, modelling, 3D printing, electronics, robotics, bio fabrication or whatever making subject the maker community wishes to tackle. Content on Makerspace Zone is added by and for the maker community.

Makerspace Zone also provides tools for makerspaces such as the Distributed Learning Platform: a unique way for makerspaces to provide and host courses independent from their geographical reach.  It further more strives, in conjunction with fellow makerspaces, to develop a self-sufficient makerspace business model.  Are you a maker, a fablab, a makerspace or makerhub?  Then this platform is for you. By makers for makers!

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